Why Cloud Computing is the Most Trending Course Nowadays?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the process of delivery of computing power like CPU, RAM, Network speed, OS software) and also the delivery of computing services like Storage, Database, Server, analytics and Internet(Cloud) etc. Companies offer these cloud computing services are called cloud providers.

Cloud Computing has been steadily emerging as one of the most lucrative career options in the software industry. As more firms move gradually towards cloud-hosted solutions for their business needs, the demand for skilled cloud computing professionals has seen a steady rise since the past years.  Keeping in mind the need for the Best Cloud Computing Training Course in Delhi, we Drona Training Academy have developed a set of course modules to equip professionals to make a mark in this highly competitive segment.


Our courses are developed with an extra emphasis on practical utility so that users are exposed to real-time scenarios enabling them to easily take challenges in their career. Users can enroll for the Cloud Computing Training Course and can study the modules at their own convenience and pace.

Uses of Cloud Computing

Right-now we all are using cloud computing day-by-day, but we do not realize it. We all are using online services to watch a movie, upload photos, send mail, listen to music etc. it all possible to making cloud computing behind the scenes.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cost saving is the major reason for cloud services adoption of many small and also large organizations. Here some of the most popular benefits of cloud computing services:

  • Lower IT infrastructure and computer costs for users
  • Improved performance
  • Fewer Maintenance issues
  • Instant software updates
  • Improved compatibility between Operating systems
  • Backup and recovery
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Increase data safety

Different Career Paths Will Wait for You after Cloud Computing Training

Different organizations need different skill sets in cloud computing. Some may need development skills whereas some may need cloud infrastructure specialists. Some may require an IT admin who has a good understanding of cloud architecture and some may need professionals with good cloud skills. Getting enrolled in a good Cloud Computing Certification in Delhi is a wise decision that can help shape up your career and provide the stepping stone towards a career full of new opportunities.

Since the cloud industry is still a fresh technology and important players such as IBM and HP are not yet fully operating, many organizations may not have adequate ability to move on to short-term cloud computing. But cloud computing appears progressively to be a significant shift in the company landscape when we speak about the longer term.

In today’s economy, where organizations are extremely concentrated on solving economic problems, the cost advantages of cloud computing services have also begun to gain recognition. As Cloud Computing is gaining popularity day-by-day it’s the best choice to start a career in Cloud Computing. So join at Drona Training Academy for Cloud Computing Training in Delhi to explore a wide range of skills in the field of Cloud Computing.

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What is Big Data & Hadoop and The Reasons Why Every Student Should Learn It?

What Is Big Data?

Big data is a technology that can collate and store huge amounts of data every day. The information stored is important as it allows companies to assess their customers and market their products. For example, when a product or service is advertised on Facebook, users like or comment on the post. This data is then used by companies to judge the popularity of their product and further promote or improve their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Big data, therefore, is one of the most important technologies of the modern world. However, most of the data is unstructured, which means it can’t be used for analysis and data mining. This is where you need software that can sort the unstructured data and provide data security. Knowing this thing Drona Training Academy prepares a Big Data Certification in Delhi for those who want to make a career in this new demanding skill.

Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Munirka

How Does Hadoop Help Big Data?

Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based programming framework that’s capable of storing and processing large amounts of data. Hadoop makes use of a distributed computing framework, wherein data is formatted and stored in clusters of commodity hardware. Simultaneously, it also processes data by using cheap computers.

This software is available for free download and is run and maintained by developers from all around the world. However, nowadays, commercial Hadoop software is being made available to suit the various data processing and storage needs of organizations.

Drona Training Academy (DTA) offers an inclusive Big Data Hadoop Certification in Munirka. The extensive practical training provided by the leading Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Munirka equips live projects and simulations. Such detailed Big Data course has helped our students to easily secure jobs in various MNCs. The trainers at DTA are the specialists in their respective subjects’ providing in-depth knowledge to all the students. Participants completing the Big Data certification have plenty of job opportunities in the industry.

The Big Data Hadoop is undergoing massive development, and for several years to come, there will be no deceleration. The Big Data Hadoop Certification could transform your present work and your dream career massively. This is, therefore, the correct time for anybody searching for a brilliant and prosperous big data career to learn Hadoop.

Here are the top ten reasons why should you learn Hadoop:

  • Hadoop is a gateway to plenty of big data technologies
  • Hadoop is a revolutionary solution for big data
  • A variety of Hadoop roles and Titles
  • Anyone can learn from different programming backgrounds
  • Big data adoption is growing tremendously
  • Learn Hadoop for fat paychecks
  • Plenty of job options to meet the skills gap
  • Huge demand for Hadoop professionals
  • Hadoop revolutionizing multiple domains together
  • Hadoop is a top priority for organizations today

How can to build your career in data scientist and Hadoop?

Here are three strategies you can consider now:

  • Start building and upgrading your skills by getting trained by joining Big Data Hadoop Course.
  • Do live projects so that this will add a plus point to your resume while showing your skills over the domain.
  • And voila get hired.

Where do I start?

Courses like big data and data science can help you understand how to signal for the right skills while getting to work with live projects is an added benefit. We not only offer you with hands-on training but also assure a job in a product based startup and companies etc.

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What is Node Js? What Are The Advantages of Learning it?

There is no doubt that JavaScript is the no. 1 programming language in the world and Node JS is one of the biggest reasons for that. Initially, JavaScript was considered just a client-side scripting language but Node JS has changed all that by allowing developers to create dynamic web pages on the server-side using JavaScript. It is also rated as the most popular framework of 2017 on Stack Overflow Developers survey. The most important benefit of Node JS is that it allows you to build a full-stack application based on just one language, JavaScript.

If you are a web developer and aspiring to become a full-stack web developer then you should consider learning Node.js sooner than later, maybe this is the right time. Drona Training Academy prepares one of the best Node JS Course in Delhi to learn Node JS for beginners. In this course, you will learn the background of Node JS and concepts and strategies for writing asynchronous code using callbacks and streams. It also explains how to modularize your application with NPM and require ().

Node JS Course in Delhi

What is Node JS?

Node JS is a server-side JavaScript run-time environment. It is open-source, with Google’s V8 engine, libuv for cross-platform compatibility, and a core library. Notably, Node JS doesn’t disclose a global “window” object, as it won’t operate in a browser.

Node JS is used for what?

Due to their single-threaded nature, Node JS is mainly used for non-blocked, event-driven servers. It is used for conventional websites and backend API services but has been conceived with push-based architectures in mind in real-time.

Have you ever wanted to build a full-fledged web application, beyond just a straightforward HTML page? In this amazing course, you’ll find out how to set up a web server, communicate with a database and much more!

This Node JS Certification in Delhi will start by teaching you the fundamentals and core modules of the Node JS. Then, learn how to use NPM to configure and import extra modules. You will learn how you can use “Express” to create a web server and how to communicate with Mongoose with a MongoDB database. You have developed several real projects such as a web scraper, blogging API, and a database migration script by the completion of the course designed by Drona Training Academy, which is the best Node JS Training Institute in Delhi.

What are the advantages of learning Node?

So now you can run the JavaScript outside of the browser, thanks to this latest tool, but when Node is really superior to a conventional back-end language? Node JS is not the perfect language, but it has various huge perks:

  • Node JS works mainly well whenever you have lots of requests coming in because JavaScript is asynchronous.
  • Once you have learned JavaScript, you don’t require learning a new programming language to use Node JS and can utilize it across the complete stack.
  • Node JS is extremely fast when it comes to managing the traffic, and it has the biggest module market of any language. NPM (node package manager) has grown at a meteoric rate and there are multiple modules of just about everything.
  • You can write JavaScript from beginning to end and even accept JSON natively, unlike all other languages.

What you’ll learn in this course

  • How to use the Node.js core modules
  • How to use MongoDB to store data in a database
  • How to use Mongoose to model database schemas
  • How to use Express to set up a web server
  • How to set up a Node.js project using NPM

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How to become a Data Scientist – A Beginner’s Guide?

What is Data Science?

The art or science of converting “data” into “insight” is universally recognized as DATA SCIENCE. Data is generating all around from telephone calls to railway reservations, from credit card transactions to college admissions, from supermarkets to shopping apps and from almost every activity that we do in this digital era. Raw or unprocessed data is of limited use but understanding and using insights from this available data can do magic/wonders for the growth and development of businesses. No doubt about it that Data Science has become the hottest skill as each and every organization wants to use it for its growth!

Data Science includes the usage of tools and technologies for organizing a large amount of data, interpret this data, arithmetical techniques to analyze and understanding of domains such as marketing, medical, pharmacy and finance which gives the environment for such type of analysis. So whether you are a student, a graduate or a professional working in any job sector. You can get these skills by enrolling in Data Science Course in Munirka created by the Drona Training Academy.

Data Science Course in Munirka

Why Data Science has become the most trending skill now?

Data Science is the multidisciplinary field that can easily extract required data by using trending methodologies. It has come up with various elements and builds on techniques and many theories in the field. One of the best Data Science Training Institute in Delhi helps the young students or aspirants to acquire knowledge in visualization, uncertainty modelling, data engineering, data warehousing and pattern recognition with high effective models.

The main reasons for which Data Science becomes very popular are-

  • Data Abundance.
  • Matured tools and technology.
  • Adaptability for THE implementation across various domains such as telecom, marketing, logistics and healthcare.

According to the skills report 2019 in India, data science with machine learning and big data analytics will play a major role in creating lots of jobs in India. Worldwide, the requirement for data scientists is anticipated to rise by 35%-40% by 2020. Moreover, almost 90% of techies feel the massive skill gap and require for re-skilling; and to fill this gap by enrolling in the best Data Science Course and machine learning.

All these trends will guide for creating more and more courses on data science, big data analytics, machine learning. Nowadays it’s a very good thing that students have the option to choose from various in-demand courses. But, at the very same moment, it is great but also confusing to choose the right course for you. So for easy decision making, we combined the best Data Analytics Courses for 2019.

What skills are needed to be a Data Scientist?

  • Basic use of statistical tools and fast mathematical calculations.
  • Data visualization and communication ability.
  • Extensive knowledge of data analytics software like SAS, R, Hadoop and Tableau.
  • Familiarity with SQL database techniques.
  • Good grasp of programming languages like Java, Perl, C/C++, Python, etc.
  • Ability to work with large numbers and calculations.
  • Critical reasoning skills and problem-solving ability.

What are the learning modules in this training session?

Upon completion of this Data Science Training Course in Delhi, aspirants will acquire a huge subject knowledge skill set

  • Gain insights to play an effective role as a Data Scientist.
  • Exploring the parallel featuring in R.
  • Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Apache Mahout.
  • Understanding knowledge in Data Analysis Lifecycle.
  • Working knowledge with Hadoop mappers and reducers to analyze data.
  • Analyzing of Big Data using R, Hadoop and Machine Learning techniques.

Career Opportunities

Following are the major areas of job opportunities in Data science field:

  • Data Analyst – A Junior wizard who supports the data scientist with the same process.
  • Data Engineer – The engineer who not only looks at providing data but also goes beyond that by looking at how to structure the data in various formats.
  • Data Administrator – The gatekeeper of data.
  • BI – The visualizer, expert in converting data into visualization.
  • Data Scientist – The main wizard who sees through the entire process from understanding the business problem to finding the solutions.

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The Benefits you will Get by Enrolling in Cloud Computing Course

The Cloud Computing generally referred to “the cloud”, in simple words it means storing or accessing your programs and data above the internet instead of on your own hard drives. Nowadays every single thing is moved onto the cloud, running into the cloud, may be stored onto the cloud or accessed from the cloud. Therefore, the demand for Certified Cloud Professionals is increasing day-by-day across all areas of the economy. You will get this amazing skill set by enrolling in Drona Training Academy, which is the best Cloud Computing Training Institute in Delhi and NCR.

Exactly where this cloud exists?

It is somewhere at the other end of your internet connection where you store your files and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This could be a big deal for you, primarily because of three reasons which are as follows:

  • You can access your cloud-based applications from anywhere, you just need a device which can connect to the internet
  • You do not have to maintain or administer any infrastructure for the same
  • It will never run out of capacity since it is virtually infinite

Cloud Computing Training Institute in Delhi

The Benefits of getting Cloud Computing Certification:

Over the last few years, cloud technology has transformed the way businesses operate. Today, corporations, whether it is big or small, will rely upon public cloud platforms to implement and host significant applications. Whether you are scheduling to get an entry into this domain or looking to develop in your career in the field of cloud computing, the Cloud Computing Certification in Delhi provided by the DTA will help you to get the most-relevant skills and contribute to the business of your company. There are various benefits of getting Cloud Computing Certification which are described below:

1. Learn A Skill Set That Is Huge In Demand

Nowadays organizations are searching for more and more skilled IT professionals that have the good knowledge of cloud computing concepts and can help in implementing an efficient cloud environment into their infrastructure as effortlessly as possible. In recent times, various researches showing that there is a high request for job openings in the field of cloud computing. By taking a comprehensive Cloud Computing Course, you would be one step ahead in the competition and one step nearer to a job.

2. Improves Your Earning Potential   

So if you choose to make a career in Cloud Computing, you can look forward to the annual salary package of Rs 4-5 lakh at the entry-level. A middle-level executive usually earns around Rs 7-10 lakh per annum while those who have 10 to 15 years of experience in the field can earn a package of Rs 15-20 lakh or even more. So the Cloud Computing Training and Certification Courses Delhi will be a right step in the right direction and can help you in increasing your earning prospective.

3. Beat The Competition At Your Next Job Interview.

The interview phase for a job is highly stressful in any situation. Suddenly you can’t stop your legs from shaking, you have sweaty hands and you look at the next candidate who stands up and enters into the room for the interview. But if you have the right skills then these circumstances may not happen with you. So choosing a certification in this field will be a wise choice for job opportunities and better salaries.

4. Secure Jobs

If you gain the latest skills in cloud computing, you can land jobs that aren’t influenced by volatile market conditions. This is because most companies find it difficult to find IT professionals with the cloud computing skills they need.

5. Set Yourself Apart And Get A Recession-Proof Job.

Even Silicon Valley had a terrible moment when the worldwide recession hit the job market. Many qualified engineers had a dreadful time when job hunting and finding a fulfilling position seemed to be impossible. With a Cloud Computing Course and certification, this will not be the case for you. The IT industry is demanding more and more cloud professionals and the market just keeps growing by the hour.

Final Words

So, these are some amazing benefits, which you will get after learning Cloud Computing. I hope, after reading this engaging blog, you would understand how crucial this technology for you and for your business.

Before wrapping up this blog, I must say that if still, you are using traditional technology; surely, you would not sustain and survive in this cut-throat competitive environment. Therefore, immediately move on to Cloud but only after going through deep research and study about your requirements.

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Why Python Programming Course will Beneficial for Getting High Paying Jobs?

Python is an interpreter, general-purpose and high-level, programming language. Developed by the Guido van Rossum & firstly introduced in 1991, its design idea emphasizes code readability with effective use of important whitespace. Creation of Python programming and object-oriented approach aims to facilitate developers or programmers to write logical & clear code for tiny, small and large-size projects. The Python language was not created in a day. But, this broadly used, high-level language is in progress to beat other languages in a comparatively shorter time period.

According to the various surveys conducted in 2018, Python is the most in-demand language for the 2nd consecutive year, which means it is the language that programmers or developers who do not yet use it frequently saying that they want to learn Python. It is also declared to be the fastest-growing programming language in the world. To learn the Python language is easy as compared to other programming languages but just getting an idea of the language is not enough. An Advance Certification Course in Python Programming is based on the professional training process is much needed to get a deep knowledge about the course.

Best Python Training Institute in Delhi

The Drona Training Academy provides Python training in Delhi through industries best trainers who provide training to student in a professional manner according to industry requirements. Python programming is a very easy language to learn and is broadly used from big organizations to individuals such as Amazon, Facebook Yahoo, Apple and Google. Python course program will also give you an overview of Graphical Application Development and Object Oriented Programming. The python training course will explain every basic module and its usage.

Benefits of the Course

If you are a young graduate or an engineer working for an IT company with an average 3-4 lakhs per annum salary, then this course is for you. Software development companies prefer coders who know python as it is a versatile language with very few programming codes.

If you are a non-technical guy opting for any software firm, then this course will help you get the job easily. If you want a high salary with a variety of job opportunities, then Drona Training Academy is the Best Python Training Institute in Delhi for you to learn python programming and it is a necessity for people who wants to get better opportunities. There are various benefits of learning the Python programming language. Few of them are listed below:

  • All types of general purpose works are done with the help of Python programming such. Few such general purpose works are — big data facilitation, data mining, etc.
  • Getting a course of Python language from a renowned institute that provides all the basic knowledge about the course can open up a wide range of job opportunities for the students.
  • There are various respectable job profiles that are open for python certified candidates.
  • A course in Python can help a student to learn all the various data structures.
  • This is the only programming language that is easy to learn and hence the non-programmers can even learn this scripting language easily.
  • The syntax that is included in Python programming language is very clear and is easy to read the language.
  • Hence it is very important to take the Best Python Classroom Training in Delhi to get the above-listed advantages.
  • The course in Python will give a deep knowledge to the students about the constraints and loops along with the other packaging modules.

At the end of the course what you will get:

  • Students will understand all concepts of Python language
  • Participants will have an understanding of how to create and implement algorithms
  • Candidates will have detailed knowledge about Python language
  • Students have real-time project experience

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A Brief Introduction of Machine Learning Course For Young Professionals

Machine Learning is a technique & method which permits the machines to learn with their experience and examples, and that also without being explicitly programmed. So in place of code writing, what you can do is you give data to the generic algorithm, and the machine/algorithm construct the logic based on the data which was provided by you. This blog is all about what is Machine learning and how it will make your understanding more comprehensible and will set a foundation for you to learn Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

In the technical terms, Machine learning is the scientific study of statistical models and algorithms that computer systems used in order to perform a specific task efficiently and effectively without using clear instructions and relying on various patterns. It is a division of artificial intelligence which mainly focuses on machine learning by examples and their experiences and making calculations based on its experience. If you want to learn it, then you can join Drona Training Academy which is the Best Training Institute for Machine Learning in Delhi.

Best Training Institute for Machine Learning

Now let’s take a simple example for understanding machine learning. Have you ever shopped online before? So while searching for a specific product, have you ever observed that it recommends for a similar product to that which you are looking for? How they are doing this type of recommendations?

Have you ever receive a call from a finance company or a bank requesting to you to take a loan or an insurance policy? Do they call their every customer? No, they call only to some selected customers who can purchase their products. How they select them? This is called target marketing and can be applied with the help of Clustering. This is called machine learning.

I think now you have a much clear understanding of Machine Learning as compared to earlier. If you want to learn about machine learning in depth, then join Drona Training Academy which provides the best Machine Learning Summer Training in Delhi including many technologies. Without any hesitation, a training course will be of huge value for a successful and bright career. Their machine learning certification course covers all the valuable and important topics is designed by the industry experts, which makes it very special in all around Delhi.

Apart from Machine Learning training program, they also provide various Job Oriented courses on technologies like Cloud Computing, Python programming, IoT, Network Security, Java Programming and Data Science etc.

Course Objective

The objective of this machine learning course is to understand how machines can learn by its past experience which is measured as the core of Artificial Intelligence. We focus on producing strong elementary skills & knowledge sets on creating algorithms by mastering the philosophy of statistical analysis.

Current Scope of Machine Learning

The continuously increasing demand for quality machine learning training programs shows us that there is a massive shortage of machine learning professionals in India. With the increase in chatbots in each and every sector of the world, nearly every other industry is looking for qualified professionals. Machine learning jobs for freshers may vary around Rs 6-8 Lakhs Per annum. Some of the job roles you can apply after completing the machine learning training certification are:

  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Specialist

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