Why Dot Net from Drona Training Academy?

basic-dotnet5Why DOT NET?

The fact remains same that the Microsoft .NET Framework is the ultimate development environment to build Windows applications and web applications. The continuous upgrades from Microsoft and the robust nature of the IDE make it the best and superior environment. For the past decade, .NET has shown stable growth and consistent demand around the world. Many surveys and researches insist that .NET is one of the evergreen platforms for software development. There is a consistent demand for professionals proficient in .net development around the world. Now we try to the best Dot Net Training Institutes in Delhi.

Why A Practical Training Program?

This program presents an opportunity for participants to acquire professional work experience while enhancing the technical skills associated with their major field of study or work. It also allows participants to develop professional skills, become familiar with development/business practices and be immersed in professional lifestyle and culture all at once.

Who can be benefit?

This program is design to help .NET developers who are not able to crack the job opportunity. Here we do not teach you in Dot Net Training. We make the right beginning with a project that requires practical knowledge to back-up the theories you have mastered. Project provides a powerful training tool that can be used to sharpen up your programming skill where you are lacking and thus making you competent, trained and efficient candidate.

About Drona Training Academy

Drona Training Academy is an initiative of Delhi based software development company Sagar Informatics Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in the year 2007 and involved in software development, Android Programming, Software Testing and Implementation. We are the best Dotnet Training Institute in Delhi.

To meet the growing demand for skilled IT professionals, the key to transforming today’s students into tomorrow’s working professionals is to develop industry capabilities. To this effect, Drona Training Academy has caused revolutionary changes in the training program that provides an opportunity in experiential learning to work on projects based on real-world problems, rather than industry simulations. Make the right beginning with a project that requires practical knowledge to back-up the theories you have mastered. For more information of the best Dotnet Training Center in Delhi(DTA) 011-41043344,enquiry@dtacademy.in